Moving Mesdag

Concept / Art Direction / Identity
Client: Samsung

The aim of the Moving Mesdag project was to create product awareness for Samsung’s curved S-UHD television screens, whilst supporting Samsung’s drive to promote young talent within the Arts and Culture sector.

By joining 14 Samsung curved S-UHD televisions together, you can create a perfect 360 degree circle of screens, which allowed us to recreate a modern day adaptation of the Panorama Painting which features the cityscape and beach front of Scheveningen by William Mesdag. 

Partnered with video artist Menno Otten and the Panorama Mesdag Museum in The Hague, whose museum houses the famous Dutch 19th century Panorama painting. We recreated this masterpiece and brought it life using Menno Otten’s ‘Living Painting’ technique. The new piece of travelling video art took the visitor on a 6 minute journey where they saw the painting come to life, subtly changing the time of day and season. The travelling dome was placed in several locations across the Netherlands and received over 70,000 visitors.

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